Kathy BriantKathy Briant is a medium and has experience both as a platform reader and one on one with clients.  She has been a reader for over two decades, beginning with Tarot, then Reiki, then gaining knowledge about Crystals and their uses and properties and finally, Mediumship.  A medium, clairvoyant and healer, she gently reveals present issues as well as the past and future for your consideration. Kathy has worked as a platform reader, and has also worked in healing environments as a Reiki Master and one on one with clients for many years and has a deep connection with others at the soul level yet still demonstrates a grounded practicality and a good sense of humour.  Trained by local spiritualists as well as by well-known mediums from the famous Arthur Findlay College for Mediumship in Stansted, England, Kathy is able to contact the spirit world and bring forth your loved ones, providing evidence of contact and bringing messages from beyond.

Background:  Kathy runs Crystalis Readers, a psychic-based service providing one on one or group mediumship readings, psychic parties for showers, birthdays, gatherings or events as well as one on one appointments with clients.  Also, with a passion for crystals and Tarot, Kathy is multi-dimensional.

In her previous life, she was a Human Resources Consultant, trainer, teacher and employment counselor. Kathy worked for many years in the business world before she retired from that life and is now working with spirit to assist those she comes across with their spirituality and personal development.

In the “real” world, Kathy is a mother of three (twins included), was a single mother at an early age, has two degrees in Adult Education and HR,  is an advocate of her deceased daughter’s art, is a published writer, travels and immensely enjoys her two grandchildren.  She lives in Calgary, Alberta, Canada with her little dog, Sophie and a house full of crystals.

Who are Crystalis Readers?  Besides Kathy Briant, other talented mediums/psychics have made themselves available to assist in the Psychic Parties.  If Kathy is not available then an alternative person will be provided.

As well, Kathy often partners with other mediums and does platform readings before an audience.