Just as a chrysalis holds the potential of the winged spirit within the cocoon, so Crystalis can help you with your spiritual journey, assisted by the world of crystals and other modalities. Emerge from your cocoon and discover who you are.

We are a soul having a human experience, the soul that is eternal and never dies – wise in the worlds beyond. Tap into your soul knowledge and explore with assistance from the other side.

How Does it Work?

Using intuition and a strong psychic sense developed through many years of lived experience, Kathy will read for you, bringing information and assistance to assure you about those who have passed, you to help you live your life more spiritually and more fully and help you peek into the future to show what possibilities might be available there. Connections with those who have passed can provide peace of mind and reassurance.

Always respectful and kind, Kathy gently presents the information she sees in ways that are easy to understand and directly useful to apply to your everyday life should you choose to do so.  She also likes to laugh and have a good time with people who come her way.

Surrounded always by the loving and endless abilities of white light, and in touch with the Spirit world, Kathy is an energy worker, healer, psychic and medium offering her services for enlightenment, entertainment, spiritual development and to help others gain more understanding about that world of the “other”.

Kathy’s abilities as a medium, clairvoyant and psychic include:
•    Clairvoyant (knowing, sensing)
•    Clairsentience (feeling/touching)
•    Clairaudience (hearing/listening)
•    Clairalience (smelling)
•    Claircognizance (knowing)


One on one readings and Psychic Parties

One on one readings:  $60 per ½ hour, $100 per hour. Available in person by appointment.  Distance and international readings available – via telephone, Skype, email.

As well as mediumship readings from your loved ones who have crossed over, readings may also include one or several of:   Tarot, Crystal Readings, Stone Castings, Psychometry (objects), Animal Cards, Reiki, Pendulums, Tea Leaves, Ribbon and Flower readings.

Contact with your contact information and your request.

2012-crystalis-readers-swooshes-2 Psychic Parties:  Unique, interesting and surprising.  Do something completely different at your event.  Priced individually:  Entertainment and enlightenment are offered at – baby showers, wedding showers, girls night out, birthday parties, family gatherings and general parties and events.  Individually priced.

Using the great beyond:  Spiritual development can be done while having fun as well.  Life and death are intertwined and death is not necessarily negative but is an important part of a continuing cycle.  Most of the grief is on this side. Those beyond are living in such joy and light, and I see them there happy and thoroughly enjoying themselves. The sometimes heavy responsibilities of their old life have melted away and they are often doing what they could not do when they were here.  They still care for us and want connection and want us to know they are fine. Sometimes the weight of the world pulls us down, and we have trouble seeing beyond our present situation and need comfort and reassurance from beyond.

Often, we need to literally lighten up some and play. Love and light is where we came from. Our true home is on the other side. We need joy – to laugh and feel love around us.  I intend to do this with Psychic Parties, where the intention is fun and the tools of psychic intent are used for joy and entertainment.  Of course, some significant spiritual learnings occur, but so does laughter.  The universe does have a sense of humour!

Planning a Party

Your own party or event can be individually designed to suit the people attending:  what are they interested in, what do they like?  Suggestion:  select one activity for group entertainment, followed by three possibilities from the menu that guests can choose for individual short readings.

The hostess is entitled to one free reading, plus one free reading is offered for those who enter the draw at the event.

Please select from the following downloadable menu and contact Crystalis Readers:

Step 1. Select one Group activity. Suggestions are:

  • Two Tarot cards per person are chosen from the deck then read for everyone in the group
  • Crystals: Individuals select 3 crystals from a tray of 10 that they are drawn to.  The reader chooses an additional 2 that the person appears to need presently. Crystals and their uses are discussed. Everyone leaves with a small bag of stones individually tailored for them (small extra charge to cover cost of the crystals).
  • Using a Pendulum: the basics of using pendulums to gather information are covered and people try a few exercises to see what they can do

– After the group activity, individuals can then come for a short reading of their choice:

Step 2.  Select three choices to offer individuals coming to your event – individual chooses one from the three offered and gets a short reading.

  • Mediumship – contacting loved ones in the spirit world who have passed to share messages with the person
  • A Tarot card layout is read for the person, dealing with the past, present and future
  • Tea Leaf Reading – After loose leaf tea is made into a cup of tea and consumed, the leaves are swirled with a little remaining liquid and then read.
  • Animal cards can be read to show which animals are of influence in the person’s life
  • Individual 10-15 minute crystal readings are done for each person and the crystals are then placed for a month in a small organza bag under the pillow.  Suggestions for supplemental crystals are made.
  • Stone castings – the individual chooses 6-8 stones and objects from a bag, these are cast and read
  • Pendulum – yes/no questions can be answered
  • Psychometry – reading of objects which hold the energy of the owner
  • Ribbon readings – 4 ribbons from a large colour selection are chosen, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects are discussed
  • Flower readings – individuals bring flowers from their gardens or purchase one that is read



Mediumship – the reader, a medium, meditates, brings in white light and then reaches out to see who has come.  A spirit from beyond will come and provide evidence of who they are and bring a message.  Contact from the spirit world can assist individuals in understanding life’s issues and challenges and provide comfort and reassurance regarding those who have passed.  The spirit world is in charge here, not the medium, so you can ask, but no one can predict who will show up.

Tarot Cards – through reading different layouts the reader can address the person’s concerns and help with questions.  Good for getting additional information before making a decision.  Can predict the next year’s main events, and possibly those of the future.  An ancient divination process using the ancient symbols and meanings behind a set of 78 cards consisting of the Major and Minor or Lesser Arcana

  • Animal medicine cards can also be read to show what animals are assisting the person and what messages they bring. This particular system is based on North American animals.

Crystals – stones from the earth programmed to provide support and assistance to people on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level

  • Crystal layouts for healing, pain relief and stress reduction and emotional release
  • Crystal readings – casting of crystals, a handful of stones are thrown and the patterns are read.  There is a N.S.E.W. alignment with what has gone before, potential future and potential unfolding.
  • Pendulum readings can help in answering yes/no questions and locate specific objects
  • Crystal selections for development – recommending a selection of the most appropriate stones for the specific person can assist with development, healing and emerging issues.

Reiki – The ability to move energy around the body, activating and clearing the seven main chakras. Reiki helps in healing, relief from stress and assistance in spiritual development – at all auric levels. Typically the person lays down fully clothed and the practitioner moves hands over the body approximately 6 inches away, clearing, cleansing and supporting.  Some touching of head, feet and specific areas for increased healing is done with permission from the client.

Psychometry (reading of objects) – holding objects (jewellery, clothing, watches, etc.) that belong to a specific person, information and awareness about that person can be read from the energy imbued in the object.

Pendulums – Using an object dangling from a chain, usually a crystal of some sort, the pendulum is programmed with yes, no, maybe and not enough information and then yes/no questions are answered.  Pendulums can also locate lost objects and assist in making decisions.

Ribbon Readings – using mediumship and intuition the reader gathers information on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects using four coloured ribbons selected by the client.

Tea Leaf Reading – The analysis of images and shapes created from brewing and drinking loose leaf tea. After loose leaf tea is made into a cup of tea and consumed, the remaining tea leaves are examined then read.

Flower readings – Reading a flower the person has brought to the event (purchased or picked from a garden) – no one save the person bringing the flower should touch it.